Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Building an Online Business:

Today, You Could Open a Retail Store Down The Street:

1. After Paying All That Overhead; Managing Employees; Dealing With Theft; Workers Comp; etc.... You Might End Up With, Maybe, a few hundred customers a day. Back-Breaking? Oh Yeah!!!

2. Now, Let's Pretend You Opened a Store that attracted MILLIONS of Customers! No Overhead! No Employees! While You Sit in Your Pajamas and wonder why you didn't Think of This Before!

3. The Internet has always had value. First it was Domain Names; Then it was Information and Advertising; Now we are moving into On-Line Shopping Where you can sell your stuff anywhere in the world!

All You Need is for Someone That Actually Knows What They Are Doing to Show You How! You Don't Even need to make or store a product! Get Us To Show You How!

4. A Good Coach!

Starting a Home Business.

If You Have a Computer, you can make money out of your home. The Internet is a remarkable place. Imagine not 7-10 people coming to your tupperware party- imagine millions! The key is learn from someone that is not only tech-savie; but also, marketing Savy.

Step 1: Identify a Product or Service That You know well and are good at!

Check These Guys Out! They Will Help You Do a Talent Survey!

Step 2: Do a Marketing Analysis or Click here.

You need to know how Feasable Your Business is. Most Businesses fail because they didn't take the time to research the market! This will help!

Next, Look at how you are going to reach your target market. Again These Guys can help put together a marketing plan.

The key is to build a website that can sell clients on your product or service. Again Click Here

This should get you started!